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When Cressida falls pregnant, her overwhelming fear is she will pass on her father’s violent DNA. It takes an ancient matriarchal culture to teach her otherwise.

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the Bringer of Happiness: If Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a daughter who could time travel, this might be her story.

International release

Dancing the Labyrinth is available in Greek from Radamanthys Publications (Chania, Crete), and Bilingual Bookshop (Sydney, Australia)

Greek version available

Essential to the task of finding out for oneself is the willingness to engage or be engaged by a process of reflection and fabrication – of seeing and making …The woman who can bend enough to go from reflecting to fabricating will be the one who can make up for something that is missing in the world. She is the one who can give shape to things lying beneath the surface.”

Nor Hall

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