Media interest

The launch in Sydney sparked a lot of interest and the media has been very supportive of this event. I spoke on the Greek Radio with Christine Stavropoulos, was interviewed for the Greek Herald by John Voulos, and participated in great interview with Dina Gerolymou for SBS Radio. This PR all helped to get the word out. The launch was an intimate gathering with Dr Vasilis Adrahtas giving a stimulating presentation and questions from the audience. I was honoured by the interest in my work. See photos of the event in the Gallery

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By Karen Martin

My writing has been crafted and refined via a career as an independent theatre writer and director. I have written and produced many notable theatre scripts as well as physical narratives for circus performance. I have also contributed to several non-fiction books and self-published two booklets on the award-winning production of The Women's Jail Project. My debut novel, Dancing the Labyrinth, was written while living a year in Crete, and has been translated into Greek for publication through Radamanthis Publications.

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