My FaceBook site was hacked, my password changed, monies stolen from my cc and additional billing amounts increased. The worst was a video uploaded that was deeply disturbing and distressing. FaceBook – rightly so – disabled my account and I am unsure whether I can retrieve anything. My KazJoyPress page is still up but I can only visit it as a visitor. If you wish to keep updated on the progress of my work or future books coming out, please sign up to my e-news. I send out an email every 8 weeks or so. You wont be inundated. To sign up, click here

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By Karen Martin

My writing has been crafted and refined via a career as an independent theatre writer and director. I have written and produced many notable theatre scripts as well as physical narratives for circus performance. I have also contributed to several non-fiction books and self-published two booklets on the award-winning production of The Women's Jail Project. My debut novel, Dancing the Labyrinth, was written while living a year in Crete, and has been translated into Greek for publication through Radamanthis Publications.

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