the Bringer of Happiness – a gentle introduction

The child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is different from other people. She time travels forward into other people’s bodies.

Sara, whose Aramaic name means ‘the bringer of happiness’, needs to learn how to control her time travel to save a young Cathar girl, Sarah-Marie, from the 13th Century siege at Montsegur. By saving Sarah-Marie, Sara hopes to save the writings of Mary Magdalene. This, she believes is her destiny.

My novels are grouped in a thematic series called Women Unveiled. Each novel can be read separately and are united by a distinctive feminine narrative of experiences within societal boundaries and transitions. The series blends Greek mythology, research and imagination in the telling of (almost true) stories. 

The Bringer of Happiness draws on research of the historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who at times are quite different from their biblical personas. It was inspired from my travels to Southern France, which is steeped in folklore pertaining to Mary Magdalene. Musings of this travel and the writing process can be found on my BLOGSITE

The blog also contains an excerpt from the opening chapter for your free taster.

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By Karen Martin

My writing has been crafted and refined via a career as an independent theatre writer and director. I have written and produced many notable theatre scripts as well as physical narratives for circus performance. I have also contributed to several non-fiction books and self-published two booklets on the award-winning production of The Women's Jail Project. My debut novel, Dancing the Labyrinth, was written while living a year in Crete, and has been translated into Greek for publication through Radamanthis Publications.

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