30 Sept 2021 There are a few written reviews trickling in, which is great. This is like promoting theatre – word of mouth is the best. So please, if you have read the novel and liked it – Review it! I have also been having wonderful conversations with friends who are calling me up to chat about the book. This is a really lovely aspect to having a novel out there.

23 Aug 2021 Apparently the name of the game is sharing and reviews. If you have read my novel and enjoyed it, please tell your friends on social media. if you have really really liked my novel, please leave a review – HERE

17 Aug 2021 Post launch and I am juggling my time between marketing for Dancing the Labyrinth – including contacting regional bookshops to encourage them to order my book in, and offering to come and do an event / signing, and starting to edit the first draft of my second manuscript – the Bringer of Happiness. I had such a good time at the Woodend launch that I am more than happy to speak to more rooms of interested and interesting people. It seems a long time since I have been engaged in solid conversations about feminism, history as well as other themes from the novel such as domestic violence, healing and of course a Jungian perspective of seeking ones shadow in life’s journey. Please invite me to your local bookshop. I would love to meet you

July 2021: My debut novel, Dancing the Labyrinth, was written while living in Crete, and has been translated into Greek for publication through Radamanthys Publications. I am currently working on my second manuscript the Bringer of Happiness.

Thematically I am interested in boundaries and my work explores the space that is created through transition. Dancing the Labyrinth is set within the transition from ancient Goddess worship to patriarchy.

When the idea for Dancing the Labyrinth emerged as a novel rather than a play-script, I committed to writing it while in Crete during 2016-17. But it was only after I arrived that I learned of the island’s matriarchal history – the Minoans – and realised how pertinent they were to my idea. From the original concept – questioning how I could raise my son to be a decent human being in today’s society (in the context of domestic violence) – this story grew. It weaves together a contemporary story of a young woman from a dysfunctional background with the history of Europe’s most advanced civilization of the Bronze Age, and in the process unites women’s voices and stories across time.